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Botanical perfumes: our story

Estelle’s Haven’s crystal-infused botanical fragrances were born in 2016 from a desire to create elegant, safe, natural scents aligned with her values of safety, sustainability, and ethical values.
It was then that Estelle realized that no safe and natural alternatives to conventional perfumes were available on the market. She was missing the complex and elegant fragrances of her youth (being French-born), but her pledge to a greener lifestyle was in contradiction with the use of petroleum-based fragrances.

Therefore, she used her deep understanding of the power of essential oils (steaming for her ten-year experience as an aromatherapist) and crystals to design intentional fragrances that are wholesome, highly vibrational and transformative.

Each ingredient is carefully selected for its integrity and quality (mostly organic). An accent is put on purchasing only from suppliers that can demonstrate sustainable and ethical practices. (To understand the importance of this, please read my blog).

The packaging is recyclable, in continuity with our values. We strive to lessen our impact on the planet every day.

Finally, a perfuming ritual that supports your personal growth, your senses and your values! 


100% plant based
Ethically sourced
Sustainably made
Organic plant materials

'I brought the product at the night markets in Byron earlier this year. Absolutely love it. Always carry it with me now. It takes me to a happy place every time I reapply...'



Testimonial botanical perfume

'I have no words for how beautiful this process is. And the outcome - a custom-made scent with intention. Estelle is very gifted at what she does and so lovely too. Absolutely adore my custom blend! :)'

Estelle W.

YOU BLOOM 25 karat Gold

'My lovely perfume in pink tin arrived today and it smells divine...Many thanks, I can't wait to use it over the w/end and love the little gems included in the drawstring pouch.' 


ROSE natural solid perfume


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