On this page, you will find blogs and articles about natural and botanical perfumery. I will explore very technical aspects of distillation and extraction, their benefits and differences in scent profiles, as well as the more energetic and somatic aspects of natural fragrances. I am also considering the ethical and sustainable aspects of botanical perfumery and adding some mindfulness considerations.

 I am new on this blog journey and always looking for inspiration on what to write so if you have questions, please connect with me.

Welcome to Estelle's haven botanical perfumes' blog!

I was meditating on my rock this morning, contemplating the water.Most of the time, I find the sound...
The river meditation
Rose harvest
In the last 10 years, we have seen a surge in consumers awareness around fair trading, ethics, susta...
Natural perfume vs botanical perfume: an ethical quest.
The river meditiation


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