Exploring the water element


I was meditating on my rock this morning, contemplating the water.

Most of the time, I find the sound of rushing water soothing. Water flows. Always. Just like life goes on. Irremediably.

But this morning, I found the sound irritating. Annoying. My mind screamed: when will you stop! Enough! I feel unsettled.

What I realized is that this reaction is a reflection of my inner state. And rather than being annoyed at a river (lol), I enquired within and noticed that I was resisting flow.  Maybe because I felt out of control in my life, I felt like things were going too fast for me. And my mind attempted to control the river!
The river was gently reflecting my emotional turmoil.

At all times, the elements can act as a mirror to our internal state and show us if we are imbalanced.

The water element represents stillness, wisdom, flow, will, perseverance and courage.

Sit by the water, observe your reaction and determine if you are imbalanced. You are the healer.

I spent the day working away from computers, doing practical things slowly. Remembering that winter is a time for going inward. My day unfolded better than it started!

May the elements guide you toward a state of inner peace and harmony.

The river meditation || Estelle’s haven / Blog

The river meditation

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